1What is a capture?
In basic terms a capture is a digital recreation of a piece of analog gear
2What hardware do I need?
You need the Neural DSP Quad Cortex, more info here: https://neuraldsp.com/quad-cortex
3How do I get ValveIR captures on my Quad Cortex?
You will be sent instructions post purchase, you can also contact us for support via the contact page.
4How close are the captures to the real amp?
Extremely close, Neural DSP are the best in the business at this. You can also run your Quad Cortex through a tube power amp for the best of all worlds.
5What do I get in the capture packs?
You will get several different present amp modes, dependant on how many channels and options the amp has. We also provide captures with built in cabs to ensure a perfect amp / cab combo. In addition you get the raw amp captures as well so you can try different cabs with the amps.