Quad Cortex Captures by Band


Armed with the super limited edition Scott Ian JSL pedal, we went after the classic hot rodded Marshall tone from the Spreading The Disease era.

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For years the iconic tones on the early Zeppelin albums were almost impossible to reproduce due to Page’s use of modified Supro combos. Now step in the Black Magick head, a faithful recreation of one of Rock n’ Roll’s holy grail amplifiers. Its circuitry, build and cosmetics are modelled after Jimmy Page’s beloved 1959 Supro combo, famous for offering most of the tones heard on Led Zeppelin I. 

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Adam Jones of Tool could be credited with being the artist that took the Diezel VH4 from being a relatively unknown boutique amp to pretty much the gold standard to which all other amps are judged for modern high gain tone. Listening to the amazingly chunky yet articulate guitar tones across Tool’s catalogue, it’s not hard to see why!

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Other gear used:


When Burn My Eyes was released in 1994 one of the most noticeable things about it was the truely massive guitar tone. The heart of it of course being the now legendary “block letter” Peavy 5150. Debate has raged across various forums as to wether the Machine Head 5150’s are modded or not. Rob denies it, but perhaps he would to protect his signature tone. In any case ours IS modded, and it sounds absolutely killer.

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The Machine Head capture in this pack features our new custom Mesa Boogie 2X12 IR collection. If you would like all the mic variations you can get them below.


Take yourself back to the glory days of absurdly scooped mids with this Justice inspire capture pack. It’s close enough that you will sound like you’re part of the mix as you play along. A truely unique and fun tone to experiment with, while also being crushingly heavy.

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With this tone bundle we include everything you need to recreate the classic guitar tone from Metallica’s Master Of Puppets. We captured the same amp that was used on the album, the Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+. Using settings sourced from Flemming Rasmussen’s production notes and an EQ pedal that was designed specifically to emulate the Aphex EQF-2 studio EQ that was such a big part of the final sound.


Here we were shooting for a tone similar to the classic Vulgar Display of Power tone. To achieve this we used a Randall T2 Hybrid amp to close in on Dime’s signature Randall Solid State sound. Then we added an external EQ to further refine it and ran it through a Randall 4X12. 

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