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March 24, 2022
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July 3, 2022

Scott Ian JSL
Capture Pack



The super limited edition Scott Ian JSL pedal was developed to capture the searing metal tones of Scott’s JCM800 rigs in the 80’s. The pedal has dual modes that can be activated in concert or individually. One side is a preamp based on a hot rodded Marshall which can be run into any power amp or clean channel. The other side of the pedal is an overdrive which can be used on its own or to boost the preamp side of the pedal. Super versatile and super badass!

And now a word from Scott:

Little known fact: back in 1984, while creating Anthrax, I was recruited for an elite intergalactic combat force. My superpower was looking insanely good in floral bermudas, as has been immortalized in the leaked render from one of my most epic battles. To honor this stage of my life, I’ve decided to share my trusted weapon with a few of you chosen.

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