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BBE Sonic Stomp
BBE Sonic Stomp
July 4, 2022
Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Neural Capture Pack
Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ (Puppets Settings)
July 4, 2022

Marshall 1960A 4X12 IR Pack
Capture Pack


Package IR contents:

  1. Sennheiser 421 + Shure SM57
  2. Sennheiser 421
  3. Sennheiser E906 + Shure SM57 Dark
  4. Sennheiser E906 + Shure SM57
  5. Sennheiser E906 Dark
  6. Sennheiser E906
  7. Beyerdynamic M160 + Shure SM57
  8. Beyerdynamic M160
  9. Beyerdynamic M201 + Shure SM57
  10. Beyerdynamic M201
  11. Sennheiser MD441 + Shure SM57
  12. Sennheiser MD441
  13. Shure SM7B + Shure SM57
  14. Shure SM7B
  15. Shure SM57 Left & Right
  16. Shure SM57
  17. Neumann TLM102 + Shure SM57
  18. Neumann TLM102


*Universal .wav format can also be used with Kemper / Helix / Desktop based IR loaders

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We created this custom IR pack specifically for the Quad Cortex. It works great with both stock captures / models but especially with our custom captures. Files are in .wav format, downloadable immediately upon purchase.

Sound Example:

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