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Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Neural Capture Pack
Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier – FREE
June 11, 2021
Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Neural Capture Pack
Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ (HRG)
June 20, 2021

Marshall JCM800 2203KK
Capture Pack


Beast Mode

100W | NOS Mullard + Marshall ECC83 Preamp Tubes | Marshall KT88 Power Tubes

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One of the more rare variants of the classic Marshall JCM800 line. Kerry King’s signature Marshall, complete with onboard boost and a beefy KT88 power section. This amp in regular mode is almost identical to a standard JCM800 2203, but flick on the “Beast” mode and you open up a whole new world of gain, to a level that is typically not available on a Marshall. This amp capture pack features a NOS UK made Mullard ECC83 tube in the V1 position, making it the ultimate 2203KK.

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