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July 4, 2022
Randall XL 4X12 IR Pack
December 21, 2022

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4X12 IR Pack
Capture Pack


Example 1 | Stock Cab Sim - SM57 + M160
Example 2 | ValveIR Boogie 4X12 Pack - SM57 + M160
Example 3 | Mix of stock cab sim & ValveIR Mesa Boogie 4X12 IR

We created this custom IR pack specifically for the Quad Cortex. It works great with both stock captures / models but especially with our custom captures. Files are in .wav format, downloadable immediately upon purchase.

Sound examples:

Capture used: Peavy 5150 (Modded)

  1. The stock Quad Cortex Mesa Boogie 4X12 cab sim using SM57 and M160 microphones
  2. The Valve IR Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4X12 IR Pack using SM57 and M160 microphones
  3. A mix of the stock sim and the IR pack panned hard left and right


Category: Brand:

Package IR contents:

  1. Beyerdynamic M160 + Shure SM57
  2. Sennheiser 421+ Shure SM57
  3. Sennheiser 421
  4. Beyerdynamic M160
  5. Beyerdynamic M201 + Shure SM57
  6. Beyerdynamic M201
  7. Sennheiser MD441
  8. Shure SM7B + Shure SM57
  9. Shure SM7B
  10. Sennheiser MD441 + Shure SM57
  11. Shure SM57 + Shure SM57
  12. Shure SM57
  13. Neumann TLM102 + Shure SM57
  14. Neumann TLM102

*Universal .wav format can also be used with Kemper / Helix / Desktop based IR loaders




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