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At ValveIR our point of difference is strive to capture some of the rare gems in the amp world. From early revisions to hot-rodded classics and boutique wonders. We go a step further than the current stock standard iterations of known amp models and brands. Each Neural Capture pack contains a detailed history of the specific amp that was profiled along with its unique attributes.


Feature Amp | Mesa Boogie IIC+

It's been called the Holy Grail of the Mesa Boogie line up for some time and with good reason! Despite several modern reincarnations of the legendary IIC+ circuit purists will still swear by the original. So much so that prices on these have ballooned out to over 12,000 USD! Luckily we have one of the most sought after versions in capture form. The Mesa Boogie IIC+ HRG. HRG is a designator for 100W, Reverb and Graphic EQ loaded. It is also the variant favored by John Petrucci of Dream Theater.

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Here's a few of our most popular Neural Capture packs.

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  • Changed from Orange Dark Terror to Quad Cortex recently for the sake of convenience while travelling by flying a lot. Wasn't sure how close to my original Dark Terror sound I could get, but then found the ValveIR captures. Got their Dark Terror capture and it blew my mind how good it is!!
  • Gary uses our Engl Savage Mark II capture pack to create decimating rhythm and lead tones.
    Gary Holt
    Exodus / Slayer
  • Lee uses our Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe capture pack to recreate the searing tone of his own Simul-class Blue Stripe head, as used on classic Heathen records.
    Lee Altus
    Exodus / Heathen
  • AJ
    I used to own a Soldano Hot Rod 50 and regret selling it to this day. I had yet to find a capture of this rare amp that even remotely sounded right. Valve IR’s capture is dead on. Thank you so much for letting me reclaim my tone I’ve missed for years.
  • Nick
    This (Boogie Mark IIC+ HRG) capture is amazing- able to easily dial in a do it all heavy rock rig with this. The clarity of individual notes even with high gain is fantastic. My first purchased capture- would highly recommend. Have gone on to purchase a couple more as so pleased with this.
  • Nicholas
    The captures here are worth every penny. I will buy them all just for the consistency, nice owner and what a mess it is to find good captures on the cloud
  • Mark
    Excellent captures, very accurate. Looking forward to trying the other offerings.
  • Andrew
    This sounds exactly like the Dark Terror I used to own. The ability to use the cabs that ValveIR captured or my own cabs gives a lot of versatility
  • Matze
    All captures here are superb!!
  • Scott Austin
    "I couldn't believe how good these were, recording my whole new album with the Boogie Mark IV pack!"
    Scott Austin
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