Specializing In Unique Neural Captures

At ValveIR our point of difference is strive to capture some of the rare gems in the amp world. From early revisions to hot-rodded classics and boutique wonders. We go a step further than the current stock standard iterations of known amp models and brands. Each Neural Capture pack contains a detailed history of the specific amp that was profiled along with its unique attributes.

Most Popular

Here's a few of our most popular Neural Capture packs.

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  • Nicholas
    The captures here are worth every penny. I will buy them all just for the consistency, nice owner and what a mess it is to find good captures on the cloud
  • Mark
    Excellent captures, very accurate. Looking forward to trying the other offerings.
  • Andrew
    This sounds exactly like the Dark Terror I used to own. The ability to use the cabs that ValveIR captured or my own cabs gives a lot of versatility
  • Matze
    All captures here are superb!!
  • Scott Austin
    "I couldn't believe how good these were, recording my whole new album with the Boogie Mark IV pack!"
    Scott Austin